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Complete systems formonitoring and control

Differentiators of EMBRASUL products


More installation and measurement options!

Current sensing via conventional CTs or with flexible sensors, which speeds up installation (in a non-intrusive way), reduces installation costs (man hours), increases measurement accuracy.


Telemetry, IoT and industry 4.0

Products integration with software and cloud for data storage and reporting. simulation, and advanced alarm systems. Find out when, how and why an anomaly in your capacitor bank happened!


Multiple deployment possibilities

The CM4040 allows installation at various points in the infrastructure, controlling at the entrance, by load groups, localized, or mixed. It also allows complete electrical diagnosis of your network.


Power management and scalability

Whether in small or large structures, centralized or spread across the world, the POWER5000 system and CM4040 allow for scalable growth, depending on the dynamics of each company and the results obtained. 

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