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FP and Demand Control

☑ Reactive excess consumption, known as a power factor fine, and demand exceedances are costs that can be eliminated from the energy bill, regardless of the structure, with or without distributed generation.


☑ Our controllers meet all control needs to deal with these inconveniences, and can also provide users with countless information in real time, which goes beyond control.


☑ Our controllers work autonomously or integrated with intelligent management and alarm systems, such as POWER5000.

Differentiators of EMBRASUL products

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More installation and measurement options!

The CM4040 allows current sensing via CTs or with flexible sensors (in a non-intrusive way), speeding up installation, reducing installation costs (man hours), and increasing measurement accuracy.

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Telemetry, IoT and industry 4.0

Integration with software and cloud to store data, prepare reports. simulation, and advanced alarm systems. Know when, how, when and why an anomaly, fine or overtaking occurred!

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Multiple deployment possibilities

Installation at different points of the infrastructure, controlling at the entrance, by load groups, localized, or mixed. Measuring or collecting information from user output, complete network diagnosis!

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Power management

and scalability

Seja em pequenas ou grandes estruturas, centralizadas ou espalhadas pelo mundo, o sistema POWER5000 integra com a linha de controle de FP e demanda, permitindo crescimento escalar.

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