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☑ A complete line of electrical multimeters for the most varied applications.


☑ Whether for measuring consumption, demand, apportionment, monitoring and appropriation of costs, or even monitoring important electrical variables for the production process, we have multimeters for different scenarios!


☑  Embrasul multimeters offer varied functions and models that meet the most diverse needs. If it's measuring energy or electrical quantities, you're in the right place!

Differentiators of EMBRASUL products

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More installation and measurement options!

Our MD50 and MD4040 multimeters allow current sensing via CTs or with flexible sensors (in a non-intrusive way), speeding up installation, reducing installation costs (man hours), and increasing measurement accuracy.

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Telemetry, IoT and industry 4.0

Integration with software and cloud for data storage, reporting, simulation, and advanced alarm systems. Find out when, how, and why an anomaly, increase, fine, or overtaking occurred!

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National technical support and assistance

Our solutions are developed and produced in Brazil, and we have application, support and technical assistance teams for 100% of our line. Count on us through our numerous service channels!

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Integrações a Sistemas de Gestão de Energia

Our solutions comprise an Energy Management system via Power5000, which expands the possibilities for managing electrical energy, power quality, costs, fines, and non-electrical quantities, acting as a supervisor.

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