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☑ Our Connectivity product category is your destination to explore the infinite possibilities of the digital world.


☑ Whether you're a home user looking for reliable connectivity, a business looking to improve efficiency, or an IoT solution developer, our products offer solutions tailored to your specific connectivity needs.


☑ Connect and explore the potential of the digital world with our advanced solutions.

Differentiators of EMBRASUL products

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National technical support and assistance

Our solutions are developed and produced in Brazil, and we have application, support and technical assistance teams for 100% of our line. Count on us through our numerous service channels!

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Training to

our clients

We provide access

the virtual learning area for the operations course, with certificate,

and dates for synchronous online training with our experts. We also carry out training

in-place, optionally.

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Updates and Customization

You purchased the software and it is yours! Including updates and new features developed.

And speaking of development, if you need customization or development, we have a team for that!

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cutting edge!

Nossos analisadores possuem a tecnologia das mais avançada no âmbito nacional e são exportados para o mundo inteiro! Fora features exclusivas e hardwares e acessórios com características únicas!

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