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Utility Measurement

The world lives not only on electrical energy... There are countless other important inputs in all production chains. Water, gas, and fluids in general, may have equal or greater importance in their management and control. Based on the need to measure and control these inputs, also known as "utilities", we developed the line of line 50 input and output recording modules. Our modules receive the signal from the transducer meter of what is to be measured, store the information, and makes it available through its communication port to the user, also providing outputs for control according to the user's logic. We are not just talking about inputs, the modules in line 50 are capable of meeting any physical quantity that you wish to measure.

Differentiators of EMBRASUL products

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National technical support and assistance

Our solutions are developed and produced in Brazil, and we have application, support and technical assistance teams for 100% of our line. Count on us through our numerous service channels!

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Training to

our clients

We provide access

the virtual learning area for the operations course, with certificate,

and dates for synchronous online training with our experts. We also carry out training

in-place, optionally.

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Updates and Customization

You purchased the software and it is yours! Including updates and new features developed.

And speaking of development, if you need customization or development, we have a team for that!

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cutting edge!

Our analyzers have the most advanced technology nationwide and are exported all over the world! Apart from exclusive features and hardware and accessories with unique characteristics!

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